Meet the Owners!

Eilat and Casey Therriault

Before Miami Meals started it was a long journey before we could give you the best meal prep in south Florida. Eilat started meal prepping in her home, in Toronto, Canada long before she even met Casey. Casey was actively searching how to fuel his body with the healthiest, best tasting food imaginable while playing high level of sports his entire life. When they met, it was destiny!

A word from CASEY:

I was always looking for someone to cook my meals for me, seriously, I wanted a company who made amazing food, provided me with the nutrients I needed, and was cost effective. When I realized it was nearly impossible to meet all my needs, I started cooking myself. I’ve been playing sports my entire life. I wasn’t your average athlete; I needed the fuel to compete at the highest of levels. Time was short and my energy was low. I would succumb to fast food or eating out far too much, and in doing so I always lacked calories, nutrients, and the protein I needed to be the best I could be. I began to notice how many athletes survive off shakes. It’s a terrible sight, to say the least.

I always wondered, how much better could we be if we had the meals we needed at our disposal? Between seasons, I would personal train and have conversation after conversation with them. Always, they would be complaining about how hard it is to eat healthy. Then in early 2015, I met the love of my life and the girl of my dreams at the same time – a goddess who meal preps! We teamed up to build our company, Miami Meals, to give YOU everything nutrition and tasty you need.

A word from EILAT:

I’ve always been a health enthusiast, constantly researching and reading about ways to live a healthier life. Inevitably, clean eating was at the top of that list. At the age of 20, when most of my peers were out partying all weekend and relying on fast food for fuel, I began taking my clean eating more seriously by counting macros, developing meal plans for myself and experimenting with different foods. After realizing just how much the impact proper nutrition made on my physique, mood, and many more factors, I made it a permanent lifestyle. I went from cooking my meals daily (such a hassle), to cooking every other day (less of a hassle), to eventually cooking only twice a week, (hardly a hassle). I realized how easy it was to stay on track with fresh healthy meals when they were available to me whenever I wanted them to be.

I started posting my meals on my social media account where I received a wave of people asking me how they could do the same thing, and if I would cook the same meals for them. This public interest helped me take this from a personal lifestyle, to a professional lifestyle. I meal prepped from my home kitchen countless hours a week for many clients in the past 4 years, until meeting my partner in life and prepping. He encouraged me to take on more clients, and together we created what is now Miami Meals. Real People, Real Food, For You.

Real People. Real Food. For You

Servicing the greater Fort Lauderdale and Miami area!